Impact of Globalization and Technology on Subversive Art Groups and Subcultures

The irony of technology such as the internet, is that instead of bringing culture together it drives us further apart. On one hand it is awesome to be able to share a picture of something that otherwise would not have ever been seen by the majority of the population. On the other hand though it is usually the same picture that is massively reproduced until the image no longer grants impact for the viewer. The internet also helps in destroying subculture in the sense that it now has the power to become mainstream. “Thus the picture history presents today is the paradoxical one of a globalization, which tends to dissolve various types of frontiers among peoples, stimulates or produces mass migrations, mixings of traditions and cultures, and seems to project the future toward the existence of a planetary society while, on the other hand, there is an increasing swarming of particularisms, secessionisms, bloody tribal conflicts, and ethnic,racial, and religious intolerances. The common result of these two opposite dynamics is a growing loss of identity, i.e., of those communities of roots that provide a human being with an aggregating basis of reference for being himself, while at the same time feeling existentially similar to other humanbeings with whom he can share the belonging to a common heritage of values, customs, ideals, and commitments. To overcome this situation, which many today justly consider negative, and especially to be able to hope to give a sense and value to the unstoppable process of globalization that is taking place, the idea might come to mind to reattempt, on a large scale, something similar to the building of the ideal of nationality, and to
proceed with its historic realization” (Mordini).

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