Importance of Acknowledgement of “Low Brow” Art

We are aware that law enforcement and schools have attempted to eradicate it. However, legal injunctions or ignoring the practice of tagging has not stopped the youth practice and are insufficient responses (Phillips, 1999). Therefore, it is critical to understand more clearly the meanings behind the symbolic forms of expression used by bilingual and monolingual adolescents and to explore more fully their purposes for their writing. This insight will help educators integrate these practices with academic goals that will increase their chances for access and success (Curwen).

The low brow art movement started around 1994 and is not necessarily approved of by the fine art community.  You would recognize it when you saw it.  “Lowbrow is a movement – slowly gaining momentum – that doesn’t necessarily care if The Art World recognizes it as such. What matters to Lowbrow is that most of us average people do recognize it. Anyone who has ever watched cartoons, read Mad magazine, enjoyed a John Waters film, consumed a product with a corporate logo or possessed a sense of humor shouldn’t have a hard time getting comfy with Lowbrow” (Essak).  Low brow artists range anywhere from tattoo artists, cartoonists, painters, sculptors, to graffiti and street artists.  The importance of studying and acknowledging these movements is that it will help sociologists study what was known as pop culture during the late 20’st century -early 21’st century.

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