What is Street Art?

Street art is another form of visual art that has accelerated over the years. It also is an art form that is performed in the public space that has been known for its’ levels of controversy.  Street art is potentially any art form displayed within society’s eye view.  Street art can take many forms including graffiti artwork, stencils, wheatpastings, stickers, installations, and sculptures.  Street art is more widely accepted than graffiti, however; there is a divide between sanctioned street artists and illegal street artists.  One reason street art is more widely accepted is because it tends to invoke thought inspired meaning through messages. In general, it is considered whimsical and not as threatening as graffiti.  The reasons for artists becoming involved in street art is that they may want to portray a political or ethical viewpoint,  pay respect to others, to question commercialism, or for the adrenaline rush associated with the act when committed illegally.


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